We always appreciate and welcome people to contribute toward the blog. Irrespective of the fact that you are a student, professional, or a seasoned educator, if you have a thought, which is well researched and through, we would be happy to post it here for you. But before you decide to go ahead and send you initial article to us, please ensure that you comply with the contribution rules as set forth here.

We look for the following things in contributions:

  • Expertise – It really helps if you know what you’re talking about, even if you are not qualified in a certain field that should not deter you from posting it for the editors selection. But, always make sure that you work is thoroughly researched, holds your opinion (we are not looking for news stories) and properly edited.
  • Word Limit – Although we do not have any maximum word limit for the blog posts, but you should at lease have 500 words in a post that can be accepted for being posted in My Rejoinder.
  • Selection – The contributors are selected solely on their merit, research and writing capabilities. Once the editors feel that you are a consistent contributor, they would provide you with your contributor account from where you can contribute as and when you like, subject to the editors approval.
  • Submission – To submit your first post on “My Rejoinder” send an e-mail to the administrator at with the subject title “My Rejoinder – Contribution” along with your post and a resume, as an attachment. We would also appreciate if you could let us know about your other contribution to any other blog, or if you have your own blog.
  • Copyright – All contributors have the copyright to their posts and are also personally liable for any copyright violation.
  • Editors decision: The editors reserve the rights to deny or approve any post for publication. Editors are not here for helping contributors out to edit or format their posts. If the Editors believe that the article can be revised or improved, they would let the contributor know, but do not expect them to pin point the corrections for you.
  • Grammatical Errors: It is the sole prerogative of the contributors to ensure that their posts are error free. Everyone makes errors, but the best way to avoid them is by proof reading and not word check. If you cannot write 500 words without making an mistakes, then practice before you decide to contribute.

Before you contact us, read this:

  • It is entirely up to the editors to select posts for publication. We do not approve unfinished articles. If you have a thought about which you are not sure, whether its worth exploring, discuss it with your friends, peers and colleagues.
  • The post you submit is your original work and not published elsewhere. (Please credit all sources, assets and use common sense.)
  • We might not always be able to contact you about the status of your post. If you do not see your article published after two weeks of submission, please feel free to use the piece elsewhere else.
  • Your article may be edited prior to publishing.

If your post is accepted for publication:

  • After the first contact, if your article is approved for publication, you will be granted the status of a contributor with your individual username and password.

If you have a thought and are interested in putting it up, feel free to let us know.